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Fortress Publishing, Inc.
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Our 2nd annual writing contest is now underway! And you're invited to enter. If you have an idea you're already half-way there.

We're accepting original poems, one act plays and short stories (up to 5,000 words) for consideration in a new anthology to be published during Fall '09 by Fortress Publishing, Inc. The plan is to have the finished e-book in time for Christmas.

The rules are simple. But the main one is that everyone is to write a piece using the same title, No Visitors Beyond This Point.

And, what, you ask, does the title mean? Is this an inscription found on an ancient temple? Something your Great-Grandfather said on his death bed? An incorrect translation from an obscure language? The beginnings of a plan formulated as you drift off to sleep? Or the resolve to find a way to go back and kiss that pretty girl when you had the chance?

Maybe all these things. Maybe none. We're waiting for you to tell us.

The contest isn't necessarily Science Fiction. Or Fantasy. Or History. Or even Fiction. It is whatever you wish it to be.

Deadline for entries is Midnight, October 15, 2009. A ten dollar ($10.00) entry fee is required.

The Rules